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Story : Tattoo

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For your delectation

Did I ever tell you about my tattoo?
You’ve got a tattoo? Where? I mean, I thought I’d seen all of you.
Heh. Yeah… well it was a few years ago. While I was in Chile.
Right, I remember you were gone for months.
What can I say? Work sucks sometimes. Anyway I thought I’d get a tattoo.
I’m coming to that. See I wanted something different.
So I thought, I’ll get my head shaved an have a tattoo of an X put on top saying ‘In case of emergency drill here’
… On the top of your head?
But you’d have to keep your head shaved and it’s almost shoulder length.
I didn’t want people to see it.
Has anyone ever told you you’re nuts?
That’s why you love me.
Good point. Ok so you got that tattooed on your head then?
Ah well, this is where is gets weird.
Weirder than getting your head tattooed under your hair?
Yup. See I shaved me head in preparation…
It was already there.
The exact tattoo, it was already on my head. And it’s not stretched so it must have been put there when I was an adult.
But you don’t remember it being done?
Ok… more beer?

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