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An idea

This won’t be as long a post as I wanted it to be. I left work at 5:30 and got home at 8:30 after driving a circuitous route and getting stuck in traffic at Ibrox.

Anyway I had an to stimulate my creative processes and get myself doing some more writing. The plan is simple, take a random card from the selection provided with the new WFRP and write a small adventure or scene based on it.

So for my first challenge I’m picking a monster card, now I’ve organised my monsters into sets kept in poly bags letting me find them easily so to start with I picked a random set getting Daemons. Always fun. So now to shuffle the deck, deal off three and use the third (this is as the cards are double sided and I don’t want to mess up my shuffling).

The Flamer to Tzeentch… interesting. I shall think on this and post more, but it’s already looking fun. The Flamer would generally be regarded as a simple combat beast, running about an burning stuff but what other options can I look at? More soon.

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