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Life goes on

Hey there everyone, sorry for the delay in status updates but I’ve been really busy and haven’t had the time to get anything written. Plus, despite the fact this is mostly a stream of consciousness type thing, I’ve not been able to think of things to write. Work is going well the Gio Goi site, takes up a lot of my time but there are new projects going live real soon now. I could write about the joys of PHP and Magento development… but such things are few and far between. Still I’m having fun.

As you can see my Movemeber fundraising attempts have morphed into a something that apparently makes me look evil and french. Obviously I can’t be my evil (and french) twin because I don’t have a goatee. As we all know this is the defining point of an evil twin (well that and the evilness I guess).

Last week I managed to pick up the Civilization board game that does look very nice, I managed to play 3 turns of it on Saturday before having to rush off but I’m hoping to get some more play in soon. Hopefully this Saturday (at GUGS) and Sunday (at Edinburgh Unplugged). And possibly during the week too.

Next week Polli is off to France to see her parents. I having -1 holidays left for the year will not be. This means I’ll be moping about the flat, but I’m sure I’ll think of stuff to do, I mean the Ultramarines movie comes out on Monday and I may have pre-ordered it… Who am I kidding of course I pre-ordered it.

Anyway, work beckons. As does coffee, best I get on with things.

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